Clyde Ecology Ltd is an established ecological consultancy, based in Central Scotland but undertaking work anywhere in Britain.

We aim to be a “one stop shop”, providing ecological advice, surveys, research and impact assessment, on the responses of wildlife to development.

More specifically, our services include;

  • Advice at the earliest possible stage, on the presence of protected wildlife and habitats on proposed development sites, along with the legal and planning implications.
  • Baseline surveys to provide the information on the presence, distribution and abundance of protected habitats and species required for planning applications
  • The collation of pre-existing and new survey data to establish the ecological importance of a site
  • Ecological Impact Assessment
  • The design of mitigation and compensation solutions whenever significant impacts are predicted
  • Presenting the results of such research as appropriate to client needs, whether it be:   chapters and technical reports for environmental statements; applications for European Protected Species licences;   habitat management plans;   site condition monitoring;   post-development monitoring;   biodiversity action planning, etc.