Reptile Survey

Common lizard © Darren O’Brien
                             © Darren O’Brien

The three reptile species are native to Scotland: adder Vipera berus, common lizard Zooacta vivipera and slow worm Anguis fragilis. All are afforded general protection against being killed, injured or sold under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (as amended). This protection does not however, extend to the disturbance of the animals, or their habitats and resting places (as with European Protected Species).  This lower level of protection means that reptile surveys are not commonly requested by SNH, except where there is a significant threat that the animals themselves may be accidentally killed or injured.  One or more of these reptile species may however, be the subject of a species action plan within a Local Biodiversity Action Plan.  If this is the case, then the local authority ecologist/biodiversity officer may ask the planning authority for reptiles to be a “material consideration” when considering planning applications.

Clyde Ecology has much recent experience in surveying for reptiles, using established methods as set out in the Herpetofauna Workers Handbook.