The Clyde Ecology team has considerable expertise and experience in undertaking the type of ecological surveys most often requested by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) or Natural England (NE).

All of our survey methodologies follow best practice and take account of the appropriate SNH, NE, and Institute for Ecology and Environmental Managenent (IEEM) guidelines.  Our surveyors are highly trained and have an excellent level of background knowledge of their various specialisms.  Clyde Ecology surveyors represent the type of high-quality observers that SNH/NE look for when reviewing survey results in their role as advisors to the planning authorities.

Clyde Ecology and its associates are qualified to undertake the vast majority of ecological survey work you are likely to need.   For very specialised survey needs not covered within the team (for example Wildcat, Crayfish or Freshwater Pearl Mussel surveys),we can locate an appropriate expert and arrange for the work to be done under the quality control of Clyde Ecology.