The Clyde Ecology Team

Dr John Sweeney, MIEEM

Dr John Sweeney, MIEEM

Clyde Ecology was founded by John in 2009.  During his six years as a professional ecologist, John has acquired considerable experience in providing high quality advice on ecological issues to a range of clients, including:

Renewable Energy   Scottish Power Renewables, SSE Renewables, RES UK, Infinis, HJ Banks Developments, Partnerships for Renewables, Waterman Energy

Minerals Sector   UK Coal, Scottish Coal and Hanson Aggregates

Waste management    Viridor Waste Management

Planning Consultancies   RPS Planning and Development, Arcus, Peter Brett Consultants, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Direct Ecology

John possesses a rare blend of experience, stemming from a lifelong fascination with all aspects of natural history, ten years of ornithological academic research, four years as a Government analyst and four years as a senior ecologist for a global planning and development consultancy.  The result is an excellent understanding of the often conflicting, needs of development and conservation.

John possess a wide range of skills covering scoping, surveys (birds, protected mammals, great crested newts, habitats and plants) analysis (collision risk modelling for wind farms, statistics) and reporting (data presentation, ES chapters, Habitat Management Plans, Monitoring Strategies).

He is licensed to survey for great crested newts anywhere in Great Britain and holds the licences from SNH that are mandatory for the detailed surveying of  raptors listed on Schedule 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Tom Hastings, MIEEM

Tom is an associate of Clyde Ecology and a freelance ecologist in his own right(, specialising in surveys and mitigation solutions for bats and other protected mammals.Tom Hastings

Tom takes the lead on all bat survey work for Clyde Ecology.  A highly respected bat worker with considerable experience, he holds the mandatory SNH and Natural England licences to visit bat roosts and to capture/tag bats for conservation purposes. Tom is also licensed to train bat workers in Scotland and regularly passes on his expertise through workshops, both for his own bat group and at the Scottish Bat Workers Conference.

During his 12 years as a bat worker, Tom has undertaken surveys, impact assessments and mitigation solutions for a wide range of developments spanning wind farm, housing, public building and retail developments.

Tom is chairman of the Ayrshire Bat Group and has a wide network of contacts among the bat worker community throughout Scotland.

Sandy McNeil

Sandy has been an associate ecologist of Clyde Ecology since 2012, bringing considerable ecological and ornithological knowledge.  He has bSandy photoeen assisting Clyde Ecology with a range of survey work including vantage point watches, winter walkovers, breeding bird surveys, bat activity surveys and great crested newt surveys.

Sandy possesses excellent field identification skills (birds, mammals and plants) and a good understanding of bird behaviour having been an ornithologist since his teens.

Prior to working with Clyde Ecology, Sandy worked as a countryside ranger where his duties included wildlife surveys and biological recording.

Angus Murray,  BSc

Angus, a freelance field ornithologist and associate of Clyde Ecology, is a “well-kent” figure on the Scottish ornithology scene.Angus Murray, BSc He has considerable experience of most bird survey methodologies appropriate to development proposals, having worked on over 40 projects covering windfarm, mineral extraction and cable route developments.

In addition to his field skills, Angus possesses an in depth knowledge of the distribution and status of birds in Scotland and can draw upon a unparalleled network of local contacts covering every part of Scotland.

Iain McDonald, BSc

Iain is an experienced field ornithologist wIain McDonaldho assists Clyde Ecology with bird survey work as required.  He also performs the crucial role of safety assistant for any fieldwork requiring a second person for Health and Safety reasons (such as nocturnal great crested newt and bat surveys).



Kelly Barrett, BSc (Hons)

Kelly is a graduate ecologist who has been working with Clyde Ecology since 2012.  Her roles include data management, GIS mapping, project managKB at telescopeement, liaising with clients and assisting with report writing.  Kelly also acts as a health and safety assistant for fieldwork where, lone-working is not possible.  She studied environmental biology at university, graduating with a first class honours degree.  Prior to this, Kelly worked in office administration where she developed her excellent communication and organisational skills.